*Tiki-Inspired Mocktails*

For those who opt to forego the rum but still crave all the unique tiki flavors, we are offering one of a kind, handcrafted tiki-inspired mocktails for your special event! 

Mai Wei

Orange, Lime, Orgeat (Contains Nuts)

Rose Water

Spice Island

Chai Black Tea-Infused American Malt Spirit, Lemon, Fassionola, Honey

Coffee Colada

Cold Brew Coffee 

Pineapple, Lime

Vanilla, Coconut Cream

Gettin' Fizzy Wit' It

Pineapple, Lime

Ginger, Seltzer, Mint

Dead Man Risen

Grapefruit, Lime 

Island Mix, Hibiscus,

50/50 Dreamin'

0-Proof Chardonnay Alternative

Orange, Lemon, Fassionola, Vanilla Cream

Empty Barrel