About The Crafted Grog

The world of Tiki. A fascinating thing. Through its rich, mysterious history and the ability to escape reality, The Crafted Grog Mobile Tiki Bar strives to bring you a true sense of tiki through our exotic cocktails. With our full tiki bar set up and a variety of menus ranging from your favorite classic tiki cocktails to our own original creations we offer you and your guests the most authentic tiki experience possible. We bring the escapsim of tiki and the craft cocktail together to create a truly unique experience for you and your guests. Our cocktails are served to order in their purest form with the quality and preparation that no other bartending service offers in Southern California. So let The Crafted Grog turn your next special event into a tropical escape!

- We're bringing the tiki straight to you with a full-fledged tiki bar set up right at your venue
- We offer the highest quality product using premium r(h)ums and liquers
- All citrus is fresh pressed just hours before your event 
All syrups and cordials are scratch-made using only the purest ingredients

- We provide all recipe specific glassware, fresh garnishes, specialty crushed ice (of course), etc.

*Contact for exclusive wedding packages*