About The Crafted Grog

The world of Tiki. A fascinating thing. Through its rich, mysterious history and the ability to escape reality, The Crafted Grog strives to bring you a true sense of tiki through its cocktails. Based on original recipes and a few tweaks of our own, you’ll be able to experience the tastes of all your favorite tiki classics with quality rum, tropical flavors, and exotic spices that made tiki what it is today. These high-quality cocktails are served in their purest form with the proper preparation and technique that no other mobile bartending service offers here in Orange County. So let The Crafted Grog turn your private party, bridal shower, or corporate event into a tropical escape.

- All citrus is fresh pressed just hours before your event 


We scratch-make all our exotic syrups and cordials like orgeat,    cinnamon, and coconut cream that make all the difference in the quality of cocktails for you and your guests.